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Online Protesters Unite – Internet Slowdown Day

DateSeptember 11th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
When you were browsing the internet yesterday did you notice more spinning loading icons than usual? Don’t worry, there wasn’t actually a slowdown in your service. These elements are all part of an elaborate picket protest in support of net neutrality.

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Firefox Provides Protection Against Rogue SSL Certificates

DateSeptember 5th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
In the latest version of Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox 32, the development team have implemented a new defense mechanism which will help to prevent hackers from accessing and tampering with data intended for main online services.

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Microsoft Update Bricks PCs Running Windows 7

DateAugust 22nd, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
Last week, Microsoft released a security update which happened to cripple an unknown number of PCs running Windows 7. This was brought to light on Friday when Microsoft quietly recommended that customers uninstall a particular security update after users began reporting that it caused their computer to enter the dreaded “Blue Screen Of Death” (BSOD) screen.

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The Most Dangerous, Deceptive and Daring Backdoors

DateAugust 1st, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
It’s always difficult to guarantee the software you’re using is secure but it is even harder still if the developer of the software or some malicious unknown third party has sneakily embedded a back way. I have outlined the 5 nastiest and most discreet backdoors found on the inter-webs yet. This list will leave you wondering whether there is anything dangerous lurking in your software and who can actually control it.

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Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta Has Been Released

DateJuly 25th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
On Thursday, Apple released the beta version of their newest operating system Yosemite, to the public. This gives users the chance to experience a new influx of additions and alterations to the interface and features.

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Raise Mac Disk Space With Duplicate Zapper App

DateJuly 18th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
Has your Mac’s speed dropped over the past few months? In most cases this is due to the hard-drive being cluttered. If your Mac’s hard-drive is nearing its capacity then it’s time to do something about it. There are many tools available that will help clear space on your system but some of them are really tedious and confusing to use. There’s one application in particular that I have had the sheer pleasure of using called Duplicate Zapper.

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Typical Android Issues and How To Fix Them

DateJuly 4th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
Let’s be honest, no technology is devoid of flaw. All devices under perform or stop responding occasionally whether it’s due to lack of power, memory corruption or if they are running out of date firmware. In this week’s article I address issues each Android user is likely to encounter and how to overcome them.

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