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OS X 10.10 Yosemite – Top Best Safari Tips

DateOctober 18th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
Safari 8.0 now has a spiffing new flat appearance as well as speed and performance improvements that take advantage of Yosemite’s capability. During the beta build, there was a feature that was especially popular amongst users.

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Three Security Technologies To Replace Passwords

DateOctober 10th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
Passwords were originally created as a simple yet standard method for protecting user data. Unfortunately, over the years this approach to security has become ever-susceptible to attack from hackers who are coming up with increasingly advanced ways of intercepting personal details. This has forced us into a position where we must frequently rack our brains to come up with a hard-to-remember phrase. Can passwords still be considered reliable for keeping our systems and services secure?

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Five Things You Need To Know – Windows 10

DateOctober 3rd, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
Since the launch of the unsettling Windows 8, Microsoft has endeavored to produce a more cohesive and stable user interface in subsequent OS releases. They set the bar of expectations at an all time low with the previous iteration. It is now more opportune than ever for the software giant to put their best foot forward at an attempt to recapture people’s confidence in their services. Microsoft had an event on Tuesday in which they showed off the functionality and appearance of Windows 10 as well as briefly showcasing some new features. Despite how thorough the event was, many questions posed by users remained unanswered. I cover all the major points below.

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Windows 9 Release Date, Rumours and News

DateSeptember 26th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
When Microsoft released Windows 8, and more recently Windows 8.1, their intention was to create a unified user experience; a mix of the traditional desktop format and the new tiles format. The current system however, is a long way from being perfect and there are still many aspects that Microsoft needs to address prior to the commercial availability of Windows 9.

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iOS 8 Brings Forth Heaps Of Security Fixes

DateSeptember 19th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
On Wednesday, Apple announced a long list of security changes which had been included in the newest operating system update. Unfortunately, they had once again neglected to mention just how serious these security bugs could have been to their users.

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Online Protesters Unite – Internet Slowdown Day

DateSeptember 11th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
When you were browsing the internet yesterday did you notice more spinning loading icons than usual? Don’t worry, there wasn’t actually a slowdown in your service. These elements are all part of an elaborate picket protest in support of net neutrality.

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Firefox Provides Protection Against Rogue SSL Certificates

DateSeptember 5th, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
In the latest version of Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox 32, the development team have implemented a new defense mechanism which will help to prevent hackers from accessing and tampering with data intended for main online services.

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Microsoft Update Bricks PCs Running Windows 7

DateAugust 22nd, 2014
CommentsJames Stevens
Last week, Microsoft released a security update which happened to cripple an unknown number of PCs running Windows 7. This was brought to light on Friday when Microsoft quietly recommended that customers uninstall a particular security update after users began reporting that it caused their computer to enter the dreaded “Blue Screen Of Death” (BSOD) screen.

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