Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR)

DR is short for Disaster Recovery, the continuity of a business during or after a disaster has occurred.

Will you consider driving a car without taking out an insurance policy? Don’t think you will because you know what could go wrong apart from the consequences of getting caught. The inconvenience can be unbearable. It gets worse when it happens to a business, activities will come to a screeching halt and that can really affect profit if it lasts a while.

Through good DR planning you can ensure your business is not impacted by identified and probable scenarios and can continue to run until normal service is resumed. You have no control over some of these disasters but you can control how much they affect you. Don’t take a chance, find out how you can protect your business today, it is <span=”class”>FREE.

At CareWare IT we will work with you to ensure that you have considered the impact of various disasters that could disturb the smooth running of your business. We would then implement the recovery plans. Just like everyone of our services, this one too is cost effective and will be tailored to your business needs, we don’t do one size fits all packages.

Our Disaster Recovery Activities
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