CareWare IT Solutions encompasses a wide variety of solutions and services for small to medium sized organisations who would like to link their existing infrastructure to the cloud, or influence the capabilities of their current hardware by applying single point server virtualisation.

This kind of technology has enabled business owners of this size to fully appreciate the advantages of executing server consolidation solutions within a virtual setup.
We can considerably lower the running costs of virtualisation by hosting the service on our server as well as being able to increase the efficiency of IT and enrich business continuity. Alongside this, the centralisation of virtual desktop management serves as a comprehensive solution for anyone who wishes to outsource their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

The advantages of server virtualisation:

  • Lowered capital costs – With an up to 75% reduction in server operating costs, it’s hardly surprising evermore people are choosing to merge their current server infrastructure to a virtual environment. If you haven’t already consolidated yours, then do so now and over the forthcoming months you will notice a significant decrease regarding on-going fees with maintenance and energy bills.
  • An integrated management of infrastructure – Raise operational efficiency through the process of monitoring and maintaining each of your virtual servers from a single administration console. As well as this, you can easily choose how you want the server resources to be allocated. Additionally, you can produce performance defined analytics.
  • High availability (HA) – Downtime is less frequent and you are able to enrich the availability of the service through implementing HA failover protection.
  • Hastened deployment – Make use of virtual installation images for swift deployment virtual machines. We ensure that all images showcase the most recent application updates and operating systems by using ‘VSphere’ technology.

The advantages of desktop virtualisation

  • A cloud based IT infrastructure that is all-inclusive – We incorporate application, desktop and data services in our end user deliveries. End users are able to use managed solution facilities directly from the cloud.
  • A solution to fit your scalable needs and flexibility – We offer a virtual on demand desktop solution powerful enough to support between one to a thousand users for small to medium sized businesses. Your virtual desktop can be accessed from most devices including: Mac, Linux and windows. An internet connection is required to benefit from this service.
  • A full enhanced desktop experience – We carry out high standard deliveries to virtual desktops across the internet.
  • Personalise your desktop – You are able to configure the appearance and functionality of your virtual desktop until it suits your individual needs.