Sharepoint Online

SharePoint Online

To put it simply, Microsoft SharePoint Online gives your organisation the ability to effortlessly create and manage team-centred and project-centred sites which can be fully customised for collaboration. As well as this it is possible to set up an intranet portal wide enough for your organisation which can be used to collect then circulate news and information throughout the building.

The major advantage when it comes to using the cloud based web platform is that it comprises the same wide variety of automatable features as the on-premise solution except it does not require you to manage the infrastructure by yourself. You will have enough flexible management options to retain the necessary control and meet the compliance requirements of your business.

Although this service is typically associated with intranet content management and document management, in recent years the program has become increasingly powerful; going far beyond these simple capabilities.

When purchasing SharePoint you have two options. You can either buy it in the cloud as a standalone package or as part of an office 365 suite in which you can also gain access to Lync, Exchange, the Office clients and web apps.

Other services that this program offers include:

  • Cross device availability
    It is easy to access and interact with your SharePoint newsfeed. Regardless of whether you are on the go, there are mobile apps out there to suit every device type.
  • Easy management
    Get setup within hardly any time! The admin console is powerful and therefore able to assist your organisation in managing capabilities, polices and security related to the features and content within SharePoint. The maintenance of servers is automated to ensure that you are kept up to date regarding the newest features with marginal downtime.
  • Enterprise quality for reliability and standards
    Reduce data corruption from unexpected server break downs, malware attacks and so forth by hosting it in a datacentre. These organisations offer you non-stop data backup, leading disaster recovery capabilities. As well as this, the servers will be monitored daily by a team of experts.
    On top of this, the newest version of SharePoint offers you new methods when it comes to sharing your work, organising teams and projects, working alongside others and discovering people as well as information.