Dell has been empowering businesses for many years by pushing various technological solutions, which include hardware ranging from laptops to network switches. With a focus on Dell’s server side hardware we are able to deliver appropriate and unique solutions.


One of the most globally recognised businesses offering a vast range of intuitive software and hardware that pushes boundaries. As Microsoft’s partner we’re proud to offer cloud services such as Microsoft 365, and other software packages essential to many businesses day-to-day operations.


The most accurate and popular search engine around, comprising cloud based services available via Google Apps alongside other services that can assist businesses in maximising potential. Our partnership enables us to deliver the flexibility of Google products to small and medium sized clients.


An award winning software management platform that gives you the ability to proactively manage and control IT systems. The software has enabled us to monitor hundreds of client devices and provides updates about all vital information such as: disk utilisation and installed software.


This program’s features are highly efficient. Catering for both Mac and PC users, TeamViewer allows real time remote control over the internet. With its two factor authentication system, businesses can be certain their systems will remain secure.


Apple is no longer consumer only products; more and more businesses are utilising them for their power, durability and aesthetically pleasing design. And with the advent of mobile devices, the ongoing research and development invested by Apple are seeing the integration of their products becoming increasingly seamless.


As one of the market leaders in network and infrastructure hardware, Cisco delivers a variety of solutions that are aimed at businesses of all sizes. Their various networking and telephony services have allowed us to meet our customer’s exact needs.


Whether it’s a laptop, PC, server or printer HP offer a solution that fits. They are constantly looking for ways to expand their offerings which makes it easier for us to meet our client’s needs.


An open, scalable and secure service which functions at the core, whether it’s on the server, the device, or across multiple platforms to revolutionise economics and experience of network. We are a proud partner in providing hardware and support for Juniper network hardware.


Mitel offer a comprehensive range of powerful telecommunication solutions that are easy to use and aren’t as costly as its competitors in terms of product, implementation and maintenance. Despite this, there is no compromise in the quality of design, robustness and operation. As a valued partner, they have bridged the gap between us and our clients.


Lenovo have frequently proved to be an increasingly competitive provider of especially powerful hardware and software. Their equipment has aided many of our clients in carrying out their general work practices. We proudly recommend this vendor to current and future clients.


Excellent virtualisation and automation tools, seamless cloud management services, desktop management programs and lots more. VMWare are leaders in these types of infrastructures. We are a proud partner in providing support and solutions as well as information on their software and its powerful virtualisation engine.


This is one of the world’s largest hosting providers that have been awarded many times for their Fanatical Support™ and forward thinking datacentres. We work with Rackspace to deliver cutting edge hosting solutions for our client’s online applications, disaster recovery and other business operations.


In 2013, Symantec received a whopping eight honours for endpoint security and data loss prevention. They have frequently demonstrated their capability of providing reliable and cutting edge antivirus and security software as well as cloud services. It’s no wonder that businesses continue to choose Symantec to secure their IT systems.


With over 10 high praise reviews and awards, it’s not surprising that they’re one of the leading suppliers of antivirus within the market. Sophos empower you to consolidate your security without compromising its effectiveness. As partners, we provide guidance and promote information about their products.