Typical Android Issues and How To Fix Them 2018

Let’s be honest, no technology is devoid of flaw. All devices under perform or stop responding occasionally whether it’s due to lack of power, memory corruption or if they are running out of date firmware. In this week’s article I address issues each Android user is likely to encounter and how to overcome them.

The Battery

One of the most commonly reported issues on Android devices is the battery life. This can be retained for longer periods by just tweaking a few settings in the device menu. You should start by reducing the brightness to the point where it is visible without being uncomfortable on the eyes, and disabling any utilities currently running in the background such as: GPS or bluetooth as well as any applications.

Unresponsive and Slow User Interface

A decrease in phone speed is usually due to lack of space. You should try uninstalling applications that you rarely use anymore or deleting other items such as: music, videos or photos. Alternatively, you could transfer these files to a cloud storage medium or a microSD card. On top of this, you should be force quitting any applications which you are no longer using, deleting the app cache from time to time and lowering the usage of live wallpapers.

Connectivity Problems

If you ever encounter an issue with connecting to wi-fi or bluetooth then try enabling airplane mode for about 30 seconds then disabling this feature. In most cases, this will refresh any connections that you currently have running and in turn, should resolve any conflicts. If these issues persist then you should attempt to repair or re-setup the wi-fi network connection.

Un-sent or Frozen Text Messages

If this occurs then you should try to press and hold the message for a few seconds. Normally, you will be given an option to re-send the text. If you have tried this process and the message still refuses to send then, restart the device or re-install if the text is held within a third party message app.

Syncing Problems

There could be dozens of reasons why your device is having trouble syncing. For starters, you should ensure you are connected to the internet and that the service you are trying to sync with (Google, Dropbox etc.) isn’t down. In addition, you should verify whether you used the correct password for your account. If these problems still persist then remove the account from the service you are using and re-add it.

App Crashes

There are multiple reasons why applications can crash. Firstly, you should check whether there are any updates for the program that you are using. This is important as the developer may have released a patch for a bug which could have been causing these crashes. You should always remain up-to-date with the latest updates by installing them upon release. Alternatively, you can simply force quit the background applications by swiping them away in the multitasking menu then re-open them.

Unresponsive Screen

For some people, the first reaction when any device stops responding is to throw it into the nearest lake. There’s no need to stress though as this can be resolved easily. Press and hold the power button on your device until it shuts off or until you are presented with the power off setting. After leaving it a couple of seconds, turn the device back on. Unfortunately, if the screen is badly scratched or dented then this is probably beyond a software fault and will require urgent repairs or a replacement.

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