Microsoft announces multiple app improvements and additions for Windows 8.1

You may have heard about the Windows 8.1 app, Movie Moments? It first surfaced in the OS leak from last march when everyone referred to the update by its “Windows Blue” codename. This app has caused quite a stir in the technological world – imagine Movie Maker but on a large scale of creativity.

Microsoft has released several videos that capture Movie Moments’ intuitive functionality:

Windows 8.1 Movie Moments feature demonstration 1

Windows 8.1 Movie Moments feature demonstration 2

From the various articles that I have read and the screenshots I have seen, the app looks to be chock-full of design features.

Movie Moments will be exclusively available as a free app for Windows 8.1 users from the Windows Store as opposed to being combined with the operating system itself. It will have features for adding short captions, trimming video, sharing short clips, inserting music and so forth.

In addition, blogger Paul Thurrott described Movie Moments as an app that will allow you to “edit your personal videos—the videos you’ve taken with your Windows device’s camera, a smart phone, or other camera—into short, fun creations you can then enjoy and share”.

Alongside this, Microsoft has also released a video which gives a smart run-down of some camera and photo apps alongside a fresh update for paint, which will also be available via the Windows Store at no cost:

Windows 8.1 Camera and Photo Apps

The Windows 8.1 version brings an array of new tools to the table including: watercolours, new brushes, “Inspire Me” suggestions, a graphite pencil set and more.

Both camera and photos ship with Windows 8.1 and each contains convenient new features.

The Camera app comes with an entertaining new panorama mode based on Microsoft’s brilliant Photosynth app, in conjunction with the brand new ability to capture individual photos at the same time as shooting videos. Meanwhile a “Photo Loop” mode has Camera capture a rapid succession of pictures from the second before you press the shutter button to one second after you press it again to end the shot, which enables you to pick from the best of the bunch. As well as this, you are able to open Camera and take a quick pic directly from the lock screen of Windows 8.1.

Unfortunately, the Windows 8.1 Photos app has discarded the Flickr and Facebook integration located in the Windows 8 version; however it does come with a horde of new editing tools, for instance: manual cropping, colour enhancement, red-eye removal, and so forth.

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