Factors That Influence Your Decision When Choosing An IT Support Company

I believe that most people would prefer dealing with a company that is based in a built-up, industrialised area such as London as opposed to a rural one. Partly because it shows they can afford to be competitive but it is more centralised and accessible to the millions of people who live there. Do you agree or disagree?

Price Plans

There are two typical pricing schemes which are implemented in IT support businesses. These include: per hour and monthly. I will briefly discuss the pros and cons of each one so that you can have a better idea of what system best suits you:

(a) Monthly

If you request IT services on a regular basis then this system is more appropriate for you. You won’t pay any extra than what has been specified in the contract and you won’t rack up additional expenses in regards to on-site support.

On the flip side, if you don’t take advantage of the services provided very often then it can be unnecessarily expensive.

(b) Per Hour

This payment type is most suitable for those who prefer to know exactly what they’re paying for but it is also dependent on the customer’s view of the IT services provided. If they’re satisfied with the outsourced quality then they’ll be more inclined to pay the rates on this basis.

Subject to the contract type, this method may be too expensive for companies who cannot afford to pay in frequent succession.

Types of Services

This is perhaps the most important aspect in regards to choosing an IT support business. Technology is growing at an incredible rate and there are large expectations to meet. For instance: customers may be looking for multi-platform support I.e. PC, Mac and Linux. As well as this, customers might need a barrage of services or just a specific one so the ideal company must strive to be the jack of all trades, whether this is in cloud based services, VoIP, security based systems or just general IT support.

Support Packages

Flexibility is a key aspect in regards to support packages. Customers are always looking for a response and fix time which will fit their exact requirements as well as an appropriate level of on-site support hours. The business needs enough customisable options to suit every given situation. The services that business provides could be anything from user device support, patch management to disaster recovery. It goes without saying that the more comprehensive the list, the easier it will be to satisfy the customer.

Now that you have heard our perspective, please let us know what encourages you to choose a particular IT support business. Leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views on this topic.

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