Free Cloud IT Based Backup Software Comparison

Over the past few weeks, I have made extensive research into the most popular choices of free cloud based backup services and have been able to narrow it down to three main ones. I believe that these offered the most extensive functionality and user friendly environments.

AOMEI Backupper

Here are some of the many backup features that AOMEI Backupper offers:

System Backup

• One-click back up all data of system drive, including system files and installed applications, without interrupting work.

Disk Backup

• Backup your hard disk drives, including MBR disk, GPT disk, external hard drive, USB disk and other storage devices that can be recognized by Windows.

Partition Backup

• If you just want to backup a partition or dynamic volume, not the entire disk, the feature will be your best choice. With it, you can backup one or multiple partitions/dynamic volumes (including dynamic system volume) to an image file.

Schedule Backup

• Set up a schedule automatically backup your system and data, especially for users who want to create backups at a lesser frequency or have multiple backup schedules (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly).

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Below are just a few of the many features that EaseUS Todo Backup is offering:

• Directly recover individual files from disk/partition backup image, no need to recover the whole image.

• Efficient system backup & recovery. No need to reinstall OS or applications to get everything back.

• Backup ALL the data, system, entire hard disk, partition or individual files to a safe destination for disaster recovery.

• Create an exact image copy of disk, partition and exactly migrate all files to another.

Redo Backup and Recovery

Finally, here is a summary of some of the features offered by Redo Backup and Recovery:

• Easy graphical user interface boots from CD in less than a minute

• No installation needed; runs from a CD-ROM or a USB stick

• Saves and restores Windows and Linux machines

• Automatically finds local network shares

• Access your files even if you can’t log in

• Recover deleted pictures, documents, and other files

• Internet access with a full-featured browser to download drivers

• Live CD download size is only about 250MB

• Over 750,000 downloads

• No installation needed

• Boots in seconds

• Works with Windows or Linux

• Finds network shares

• Recover lost data

• Factory drive reset

• Drive configuration tools

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