eBay Users Urged To Reset Password

Since eBay was hit by cyber attacks three months ago, the online auction website have strongly advised that users change their passwords in order to reduce any chance of internet theft. Many customers have complained that the date of this announcement was “inexcusable” as some customers’ details were hacked into as far back as February.

The attack which was made between February and March has affected as many as 128 million users. The hackers were able infiltrate the corporate network after stealing employee logins and in turn, this gave the hackers access to eBay customers’ name, encrypted password, home address, email address, phone number as well as their date of birth.

At this point in time, the firm said there was no evidence to suggest that PayPal accounts had been affected.

Despite the fact that eBay have advised its users to change their password, there is no certainty that hackers won’t use their personal details to commit identity fraud.

In addition to changing your password on eBay, users are being encouraged to change their password on any other account which has been set up with the same credentials. This would otherwise allow hijackers to attempt account access on other sites which have had users sign up with the same credentials.

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