Microsoft Windows 9 “Tech Preview” 30th Sept

It was confirmed by Microsoft last Friday that users will be able to see a preview of a Windows 9 operating system on 30th September.

Following numerous past reports, the software giant seemed very keen to push out the new OS in short order due to heavy criticism of Windows 8 and 8.1. These complaints pertained to the overall usability and replaced features.

Based on various reports, the upcoming release has been titled “Windows Threshold” and will be available for developers to become familiar with from 30th September. This does however mean that they will be obligated to continuously update their OS version as new versions are frequently pushed out.

Most of you will be pleased to hear that the new operating system marks the return of the beloved mini start menu which can be accessed via the usual location. Meanwhile the unfavored “charms bar” will be obliterated. In addition to these changes, there will be an assortment of interface modifications with a focus on improving the usability. Microsoft also intend on implementing the voice of Cortana from the popular video game franchise Halo, into the recognition tool.

There are also reports which give the impression that Microsoft plans to combine Windows RT, the version of Windows made for non-phone ARM mobile devices, and Windows Phone. In simple terms, Microsoft’s PC and mobile operating system divide will replicate the split that Apple has between iOS and OSX.

There is a wishlist of OS changes which many users have already contributed to. One change in particular that people have requested is to minimise the gap between the modern screen (once referred to as the metro screen) and the desktop UI. It currently looks as though it was put together somewhat schizophrenically.

Another point raised by other users is that Microsoft should work on creating a universal app store for Windows 9, Windows Phone and Xbox. At this point, Microsoft aren’t nearly as successful as iOS, Android or Mac from the app perspective but some people strongly believe that by combining these efforts across device platforms could improve things.

Can you think of any changes which you would love for Microsoft to include in Windows 9?

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