Office 2013 Breaks After June Microsoft Patch

Whoops! It was recently announced by software giant, Microsoft that the patch which was rolled out last Tuesday, has prevented Click-To-Run users from being able to run any applications from the Office Productivity suite.

The Microsoft Office engineering team stated the following in a blog post: “In some cases, users running Office 2013 may not be able to launch Office products after the June Public updates are installed. The Office team is aware of this issue and is working on a solution.”

Despite the fact that Microsoft have stated that this issue has affected “less than one percent” of its user base, Microsoft have said that they still regard this as a “high priority issue.”

For anyone who has come across this problem, Microsoft have suggested that the affected users visit the following link, as users within the forum have described how to resolve the issue.

There was another report on PC World which announced that Microsoft’s Click-to-Run technology requires internet streaming to virtualise certain areas of the Office package.

This enables users to start using the suite just minutes after the download has been initiated.

The following was also mentioned in the article: “Click-to-Run installations—which differ under the hood than traditional software installations—also receive product updates automatically. Both Office 365 and downloaded versions of the various Office 2013 software bundles rely on Click-to-Run to install Office on PCs.”

In addition, PC World cited figures which were produced by Microsoft during late April which shows that there are 4.4 million Office 365 Home subscribers.

“One percent of that equals 44,000 people, and that total doesn’t include installations from people who purchased Office 2013 as standalone software rather than on a subscription,” as stated in the article.

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