OS X 10.10 Is Already On The Horizon!

Despite the fact that OS X Mavericks was released late October last year, Apple have announced that their next operating system version is already in development. In this article I will give you an insight as to what you can expect.

Will OS X 10.10 Have A Similar Interface To iOS 7?

Over the past few years, Apple have made great overhauls to the overall appearance of each system and for this reason, there are rumours floating around suggesting that Apple have a few tricks up their sleeve and are already experimenting with the current OS X interface. However, Mavericks showcased subtler changes, getting rid of UI Chrome from widgets such as: Calender which resulted in a more uniform OS, but a similar one to get to grips with.

I think we all expect further visual refinement with the next system. Personally, I think a less radical change is required this time – less extreme changes would work nicely on the desktop: more compressed icons, basic icons; an increase pertaining to the present colours in an OS that is becoming increasingly dreary with a monochrome style; as well as an emphasis on subtle transparency, layering and depth.

New Apps & Features Coming To OS X 10.10

In the latest versions of OS X, numerous iOS apps have made their way to the Mac. The Notes and Reminders apps have mirrored their iOS equivalents, making it a lot more straightforward for people to switch between Apple’s platforms. With the introduction of Maps, users could at long last work with Apple’s maps solution within the desktop and forward the directions directly to mobile devices. Shortly after that, iBooks came along and in the beginning we could only imagine why the application wasn’t implemented into Mac technology – it seemed bizarre that you could buy a book from Apple’s Bookstore and to not have it available from your Mac.

Out of the remaining iOS-only apps, Newsstand would be the most likely choice for implementing into OS X. I can also foresee a place for the Weather app – at this point it’s shocking to know that the iPad doesn’t have its own Apple weather app. Smaller changes may also be pushed out, for instance: an optional PIN-style passcode lock; Control Center (this would replace or augment current menu bar extras); notifications filtered by individual tabs like: ‘today’ , ‘missed and ‘all’ alongside a Notification Center which acts as an overlay rather than intrusively pushing everything else off the screen.

The Price and Release Date For OS X 10.10

Since Mavericks was released for free, it is expected that OS X 10.10 will follow suit along with any future releases of OS X software. From a promotional aspect, this makes a lot of sense for Apple. They can afford to give away their operating systems without charging a dime because they primary make most of their profit from the hardware that they manufacture. Unlike Microsoft, which makes a significant amount of money from licensing and direct sales of Windows. The other thing to bear in mind is that OS X 10.10 will again, probably be a digital-only update through the Mac App Store.

Lastly, judging by past annual release cycles and rumours I believe that we can expect the new operating system to release sometime in October.

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