Three Security Technologies To Replace Passwords 2018

Passwords were originally created as a simple yet standard method for protecting user data. Unfortunately, over the years this approach to security has become ever-susceptible to attack from hackers who are coming up with increasingly advanced ways of intercepting personal details. This has forced us into a position where we must frequently rack our brains to come up with a hard-to-remember phrase. Can passwords still be considered reliable for keeping our systems and services secure?

There will be a day where passwords become obsolete in our technological world. There are already a barrage of security alternatives being offered to us that claim to eliminate the need of this security authentication method. Some of these technologies are merely concepts; far beyond what we are capable of achieving at this point in time, others are on the threshold of usefulness and a number of them are already upon us. The significance is that these concepts show how we have just began to scratch the surface of identity and security technology.

In this week’s article, I have compiled a list of three cutting edge technologies that are destined to replace the password based variant once and for all. These include:

1) Smartphones

The idea: You can use your smartphone with the intention of logging into websites and supplying credentials via SMS or NFC.

2) Biometrics

The idea: Use a fingerprint or an iris scan. Alternatively, the scan of vein patterns in your hand to authenticate.

3) The password pill

The idea: This authentication technology requires you to swallowing an object. It currently goes by the coined term ‘an electronic pill.’ It is able to send a signal of a few bits through the skin which saves on the use of the manual PIN system.

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